Longer weekend in Cracow

Author: Simone Micheli
Source: Dekorian
Former capital of Poland is probably the most popular city in entire country. Each year millions of tourists from whole around the world are visiting it. If you are planning to spend in there only two days you won't be able to see all monuments. That is why you should choose the best spots in Cracow, to appreciate your trip even more.

Finest concept for holidays in eastern Europe

Author: Daniel Jolivet
Thanks to small airline companies, we have plenty of various tourist destinations available at the moment. If we like, we can go to really far away areas, such as Australia for instance. Beside, we could have a city break in one of big, western capitals, like Paris or London. But some travelers, who like less conventional concepts, should find alternatives above far more sophisticated.

Suggestions for great holiday destinations for upcoming summer

Author: Dekoral
Many guys have been planning their holiday really carefully for many months. They know exactly city they are heading to, hotel where they are going to stay and what they are going to visit during their trip. However, some guys didn’t have a chance to do it for various reasons. Sometimes they simply didn’t have time. Sometimes they were not organized enough. If this is also your case, do not worry. You can still have great holiday without planning this for weeks. Specially, if you pick up 1 of the suggested destinations.

Medical care in Poland

Author: East Midtown
Nowadays, plenty of people are crossing the boards for many sorts of reasons. We are going to summer break, visiting our colleagues and relatives, going for job for a longer measurement of time. We are preparing for our journey very proper, packing everything we will be needing there, checking all of interesting tourist destinations in destination cities. But there is one more thing we must to pay attention for. Medical insurance.

Wondering about your holiday? Here is one great idea!

Author: zeesenboot
For unspecified reasons, many men and ladies associate holidays with travelling abroad. While planning their holidays, they often don’t even consider amazing spots in their own country. Rather than this, they choose trips to foreign countries, without even thinking about selecting a place in their own country. In a consequence, many guys are not familiar with their own country. They have plenty of memories and experiences from abroad, but when somebody asks something about their own country, it becomes clear they don’t know almost anything about tourist attractions there.