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The most luxury hotels in Santorini. Where to go on holiday Take a look

Author: Jorge in Brazil
Many of us want to spend nice days on the beach in the time of the summertime. We are going to Baltic seashore, but more and more travelers at the moment prefer more distant locations, inexpensive airline carriers helps us with this. We are able to book flight tickets for a penny, so we are traveling all around the Europe.

A fantastic honeymoon on Greek Islands – good hotels, great trips, the newest attractions.

Santorini at night
Author: Conor Lawless
Getting marriage is one of the most important moments in our lives. Many couples after the wedding want to go to a trip of their lives. The Greek Islands are one of the greatest possible opportunities for a wonderful honeymoon.

How my lovely husband prepared a ideal surprise for our honeymoon

just married
Author: 愛鸚斯坦
2 months ago I got married. At this moment, I have an amazing husband. I like tons of things about him. However, if I was to choose just one things I really love about him is the fact that he often surprises me. It wasn’t different when it came to organizing our honeymoon. We wereextremely busy previously our wedding, that there was no spare time to discuss aspects regarding our honeymoon. Nevertheless, I figured out that my lovely husband did find a time for this and organized our honeymoon completely by himself. It was a great surprise for me! Thing that was even better was the fact that he selected a perfect location for the honeymoon. And by an expression “perfect” I mean not solely a perfect destination, but as well a perfect accommodation.

Where to stay in Santorini?

Author: Nikola Totuhov
So you decided – you want to spend your days off in Santorini this year. You already booked your flight tickets. Or maybe you are hoping to get there by the car. You have read many articles that present what it is worth to see in Santorini. You already prepared a plan of activities during your holiday. Just one thing left – you still need to choose the place to stay. You have consulted it with your family members if they know anything about Santorini accommodation but none of them has been here before. Do you want my advice?

Fantastic physical activities on holidays – great hotels, guests needs, possible problems

luxury hotel
Author: ludovic
French people, the English and the Russians and in the last decade as well Polish people have decided to go on all-inclusive holidays. It means that these people are ready to spend much more money just to experience the luxury and convenience.

Luxury hotels in Santorini Greece as an example of destination that has a great future in front of it

On the beach
Author: steven milne
Each time we get to know a word “holidays” we often have some associations with laying on the beach and taking a sunbath as well as doing totally nothing and being not forced to hurry up. Consequently, we should not forget that for some people this is not a definition of holidays. It is connected with the fact that some people don’t like to visit a place overcrowded with tourists, as the crowd doesn’t give us a possibility to get peace and feel calm.

Why deciding for boutique hotels Santorini can be the best move that would guarantee ourselves a long-term satisfaction?

Author: Robert Pittman
Increasingly regularly is it observed by more and more people that Greece is rising number of often chosen as the tourist destination for summer holidays. Here we may ask ourselves what are the major reasons that explain the rising interest of tourists all over the world in visiting Greece for their summer holidays. Above all, we ought to not forget that this country is a great alternative for Spain etc.